The cooperation with universities and professional athletes is very important for TEXmarket in order to remain permanently innovative.

Among different cooperations, following have to be especially highlighted:

  • University of Innsbruck
  • Textile University of Iaşi
  • Merida Professional Team
  • Ex-World champion Maurizio Fondriest
  • 100km runner Hermann Achmüller

University of Iaşi

The University of Iaşi is the most prestigious textile university in Romania.
Motivated and well trained employees are the basis of a successful future. That´s why we are eager to win young talents. TEXmarket organizes a yearly competition in product creation, offers internships and grants a scholarship to very talented students.


University of Innsbruck

Together with the University of Innsbruck we make researches in the area of aerodynamics.
Our company has a great experience in the area of aerodynamics. For this reason, many well-known brands request the production of their clothes from our company. At the Technology Center of Innsbruck the fabrics are evaluated with an emphasis on their aerodynamic characteristics. Through the right combination of different fabrics and a sophisticated pattern, we achieve optimal aerodynamic values on the finished products.

Radon Team, Maurizio Fondriest & Hermann Achmüller

All fabrics and products are tested by national and international teams and professionals. Maurizio Fondriest, former street world champion, and the mountain bike team Radon, one of the most important MTB-Teams on the international scene, give us specific feedbacks by testing our products under all-weather conditions.
In the field of running and athletics we work closely with Hermann Achmüller, one of the best 100km runners worldwide.